Tracing the Gravity(2017) for cello and piano

Composer: Catherine Phang
Video: Wakko Kim
Cello: Roland Gjernes
Piano: Su Jin Kang

Premiere: June 2017 @ Gallery MC | New York, NY


Black Mirror(2017) for solo violin and electronic

I. Mirror Room
II. Reflection
III. Hallucination

Composer: Catherine Phang
Violin: Julia Suh

Premiere: April 2017 @ Manhattan School of Music |  New York, NY


Prism(2017) for two violins, cello and erhu

[Exploration: from past to present]
a collaboration between Sforzando Composer's Collective, 
the New Asia Chamber Music Society, 
and the Jubilee Artists Management.

Premiere: August 2017 @ Riverside Church | New York, NY


Nobler than Strength and Beauty(2013) for vibraphone and electronic

Composer: Catherine Phang
Vibraphone: Benjamin Scanlan
Choreographer: Eryn Edwards
Dancers: Katherine Bittner, Michelle Cuddy, 
Dana DeFabrizio, Emma Laufersweiler, Rachel McGinnis,
Lauren Turley

Premiere: March 2013 @ University of Hartford | West Hartford, CT